Climatological Boundary and Characteristics of Coastal Zone over the Southwestern Korean peninsula

한반도 남서해안의 기후학적 연안지대의 경계와 특징

  • 이영선 (부산대학교 대기과학과) ;
  • 하경자 (부산대학교 대기과학) ;
  • 전은희 (부산대학교 대기과학과)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


The climatological characteristics of coastal zone over the southwestern coast of Korea peninsula were investigated using the data observed by AWS (automatic weather system) and 4 buoy points. Coastal zone is climatologically defined as the region bounded by the distinct contrast of temperature gradient and wind speed across coastline. In the southwest of peninsula four cross-lines consisted of AWS aligned with each buoy were selected as Geojedo buoy line, Geomundo buoy line, Chilbaldo buoy line and Dukjukdo buoy line. Analysis on the diurnal cycle and intra-month variation, monthly mean and maximum value, the temperature gradient with distance between buoy and each station and the accumulative frequency of wind speed were applied to find out the characteristics and the range of coast zone. The maximum ranges of coastal zone vary from offshore to Sanglim (about 34 km distance from coastline) for Geojedo buoy line, to Sunchun (about 52 km) for Geo-mundo buoy line, to Jaeundo (about 27 km) for chilbaldo buoy line and to Yongin (about 65 km) for Dukjukdo buoy line. The modification of coastal zone according to synoptic flow was investigated for the onshore, off-shore and calm cases. The ranges of coastal zone are significantly changed with the distance between 65∼90 km for the case of onshore. In addition, we tried to find out the variation of the wind and temperature and the wind ratio of wind speed at ocean to land stations along Geojedo buoy line during 12∼13 Sep. 2003 affected by typhoon (MAEMI).


Coastal Zone;Gradient of Temperature;Sea Breeze;Wind Speed


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