Additive Coating of BaTiO3 Powder using Sol Coating Method II - Additive Coating Process using BaTiO3 Sol Added by Mg, Ca, Mn

졸 코팅 법을 이용한 BaTiO3 분체의 첨가제 코팅 II - Mg, Ca, Mn 이 첨가된 BaTiO3 졸을 이용한 첨가제 코팅 공정

  • Published : 2004.09.01


On the bases of the results from "Additive Coating of BaTiO$_3$ Powder using Sol Coating Method I", experimental condition was defined. Representative additives for BaTiO$_3$, that is to say, Mg, Ca and Mn were experimented. The sources of the metal ion were used by organometal complex. As added it, the stability of BaTiO$_3$ sol was evaluated. Mg and Ca were stable, however, The solubility limit of Mn-ATH was 0.05 mol ratio in Mn-ATH/sol. The solubility limit of Mg ion in BaTiO$_3$ was lower than 2 mol%. From the x Ray diffraction patterns, lattice parameters were different with temperature and additives, because the solubility of metal ion was varied in BaTiO$_3$. The dielectric constant of BaTiO$_3$ powders which coated with the 1.5 mol% Mg and calcined at 1200$^{\circ}C$ was increased with 20%.


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