Additive Coating of BaTiO3 Powder using Sol Coating Method I - Development of Coating Process by BaTiO3 Sol

졸 코팅 법을 이용한 BaTiO3 분체의 첨가제 코팅 I - BaTiO3 졸 코팅 공정 연구

  • Published : 2004.09.01


BaTiO$_3$ powder has been applied in so much electronic ceramics. Therefore, as recent, the method to add or coat additive will be needed BaTiO$_3$ powder. As a kind of the method, the coating of BaTiO$_3$ powder was considered. In this study, during BaTiO$_3$ powder was coated by BaTiO$_3$ sol, gelation path was experimented. Standard coating condition was set for homogeneous coating. The phase of the gel was deferent by gelation path. It was confirmed the amorphous gel was made in BaTiO$_3$ phase easily at low temperature. In the amorphous gel, particle growth was shown at 900$^{\circ}C$, because crystallization temperature was low. The optimal ratio of sol and powder was at 10 vol% for the homogeneous coating.


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