Microwave Dielectric Properties of Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics with Glass Frit and TiO2 Additives

Glass Frit 및 TiO2 첨가에 따른 LTCC용 마이크로파 유전체의 유전 특성

  • 윤중락 (삼화콘덴서 연구소) ;
  • 이석원 (호서대학교 정보제어공학부) ;
  • 이헌용 (명지대학교 전기전자공학부)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


The crystalline and dielectric properties on Al$_2$O$_3$ filled glass frit (CaO-Al$_2$O$_3$-SiO$_2$-MgO-B$_2$O$_3$) with admixtures of TiO$_2$ have been investigated. The dielectric constant value of 7.5 ∼ 7.8, qualify factor value of 700 were obtained for glass frit : Al$_2$O$_3$(50 : 50 wt%) ceramics. Addition of TiO$_2$ less than 5 wt% slightly increased the dielectric constant from 7.8 to 8.8 due to higher dielectric constant of TiO$_2$. With increasing the amount of TiO$_2$ up to 5 wt%, the temperature coefficient of dielectric properties was improved. When the TiO$_2$ 5 wt% were added, dielectric properties were dielectric constant 8.8, quality factor 840 and the temperature coefficient of dielectric 45 ppm/$^{\circ}C$ at a sintering temperature 920$^{\circ}C$.


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