Quality Characteristics of Tarakjuk (milk-rice porridge) with different Roasting Conditions during Refrigerated Storage

볶음조건을 달리한 타락죽의 저장 시 품질의 변화

  • 이귀주 (고려대학교 사범대학 가정교육과) ;
  • 김정은 (고려대학교 사범대학 가정교육) ;
  • 김소정 (고려대학교 사범대학 가정교육과)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


Rice flour was roasted at different temperatures and times and tarakjuk was made from these roasted rice flours. Chemical composition, in vitro starch digestibility (IVSD) and protein digestibility (IVPD) of the roasted rice flours and tarakjuk were determined. Changes in quality characteristics such as pH, viscosity, IVSD and IVPD of tarakjuk during refrigerated storage were also investigated. For roasted rice non, the protein content ranged from 6.52∼7.13% on a dry basis, while for tarakjuk, the range was 3.74 ∼4.0%. On the other hand, the Ca level of tarakjuk ranged from 1,278.36∼1,340.87 ppm. Rice flours showed decreasing IVSD and increasing IVPD on roasting at 145$^{\circ}C$ and 165$^{\circ}C$, whereas they showed increasing IVSD and decreasing IVPD at 185$^{\circ}C$, respectively. Roasting also influenced the pH, viscosity, IVSD md IVPD of tarakjuk made from these roasted rice flours. As the roasting temperature and time increased, tarakjuk showed lower pH and viscosity, however it showed higher IVSD and IVPD. The pH of tarakjuk, except that of control, decreased with storage, whereas viscosity increased significantly. IVSD decreased up to 4 days of storage, after which it increased again until 14 days of storage. On the other hand IVPD increased up to 7 days of storage, but there was no additional significant increase after 14 days of storage. These results suggest that depending on the nutritional purpose, appropriate conditions for roasting of rice flour and storage of tarakjuk may be recommended for the commercialization of tarakjuk.


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