Research on the Mourning Garments of Modern Funeral Services in Gwangju

현행 광주지역 장례식장의 상복 연구

  • Published : 2004.08.01


This research shows problems of modem Mourning Garments used in Gwangju area compared to traditional ones. Researches are as fellowed; First, items of mourning garments have been not used by degrees. Male has worn Jung-Dan and Du-ru-mak-i as Pyo-Eui of male mourning garments. Second, mourning garments have been simplified and modified. These simplification in shape and uniformity in size are only far Mass production and convenient manufacture. Third, modem mourning garments are made of 6-su (thin) Hemp cloth. In fact this material has no hemp and is just made of cotton and chemical textiles. Even though it is not made of hemp, it has been sold with the name of Hemp Cloth. Materials should be clearly listed. Forth, traditional mourning garments are manufactured through needlework while modern ones through mass production. Now the former is expensive rather than the latter. So Mass produced garments would be preferred to traditional made ones.