A Study on the Emission Factors of Air Pollutants for the Melting Furnaces of the Iron and Steel Industry

철강산업 용융로의 대기오염물질 배출계수 산정 연구

  • 석광설 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학과) ;
  • 방선애 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 홍지형 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 이석조 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 김대곤 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 이대균 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 허정숙 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학) ;
  • 이은정 (국립환경연구원 대기연구부 대기공학과)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


The purpose of this study is to estimate of emission factors of the air pollutants for the melting furnaces for the iron and steel industry. The result of this study is able to obtaine the emission factor of particulate matters (PM), sulfur dioxide. nitrogen oxides for melting furnace. The emission factors of each pollutants were as follows : - the emission factor varied between 6.13E-03~6.12E-01 kg/ton for PM -1.59E-01~2.45E+00kg/ton for $SO_2$ - 6.82E-02~6.88E-01 kg/ton for NOx, respectively. Analysis of the differences in the emission factors of ours and U.S. EPA's yielded the following results for the Wilcoxon method : p>0.05. The statistical analysis showed no differences in the our emission factors and U.S. EPA's


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