A Study on the Hair Fashion Behavior of College Students

대학생의 헤어패션행동에 관한 조사연구

  • 김병미 (공주대학교 자연과학대학 의류상품학과) ;
  • 유미근 (유구중학교)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


The purpose of this research is to recognize college students' thinking way for hair fashion. The tendency of hair style, hair dyeing and hair administration was examined with college students in Seoul, some cities and towns. Research analyzed and compared the result according to the distinction of sex, age and area. The questionnaire was asked to 257 boy students and 328 girl students. The result in this research is as following. 1. It was shown that our country college students were satisfied with their hair style on the whole. Especially, college students in Seoul appeared more satisfied tendency than other city or town. Seoul's college students preferred hair style of short haircut. Wide area city or small town's college students preferred long hair style. The degree of satisfaction about beauty salon service of Seoul city's college students is higher than that of wide area city or small town's college students. The reasons that they want to go to the beauty salon they used to are distance for boy students and excellent technology for girl students. Boy students change hair style regularly, but girl students change it when need to change their mood. 2. In our country, most college students had experienced that they had their hair dyed. More senior students had their hair dyed than junior students. Hair color that most like was nature brown. Seoul college students liked gold color. Seoul college students are more satisfied than wide area city or small town's college students after hair dyeing. Girl students thought that hair dyeing made their hair style excellent. 4. Girl students responded that their hair was much damaged. College students in Seoul had healthy hair. Girl students selected 「beauty art surgical operation」 for cause of hair damage, and boy student had the various causes of hair damage. College students in Seoul had much hair damage than students in any other area. Most were using shampoo, and girl students used much shampoo than boy students. Girl students selected shampoo according to their hair state, Seoul's college students had their hair washed with shampoo more frequently than other students. Girl students were getting more hair administration information with various form than boy students. Girl students used Hair Clinic for hair administration, but boy students never did it.