Dielectric Properties of XLPE/Semiconductor Sheet in Power Cables

전력케이블용 XLPE/반도전층의 유전 특성

  • Published : 2004.08.01


We studied the dielectric properties and voltage dependence on slice XLPE sheet from 22 kV and 154 kV power cables. Interface structures are XLPE/semiconductor and XLPE/water/semiconductor capacitance and tan6 of 22 kV, 154 kV were 52/42 pF and $7.4\times{10}/^{-4}, 2.15\times{10}^{-4}$, respectively in these results, the trend was increased with the increase of temperature the tan$\delta$ of XLPE/semiconductive layer and XLPE/water/ semiconductive layer were increased as compared with that of XLPE Temperature reliability of tan$\delta$ was small.


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