Microstructure and Magnetic Properties in Fe-Co-B/M Films for Soft Magnetic Underlayer of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Media

수직자기기록매체용 Fe-Co-B/M 하지연자성층의 미세결정구조 및 자기특성

  • Published : 2004.08.01


It is necessary to develop soft magnetic layer with high saturation magnetization 4 $\pi{M}_s$ and in-plane magnetic anisotropy field Hk for soft magnetic underlayer of perpendicular magnetic recording media with high signal to noise ratio. Fe-Co-B layer with high 4 $\pi$Ms of about 23 kG deposited on Ni-Fe and Ni-Fe/Si seedlayer exhibited very high in-plane magnetic anisotropy filed Hk of about 280 and 380 Oe, respectively, In-plane XRD studies clarified that the lattice spacing of planes along the easy axis direction was longer than that along the hard axis direction in the Fe-Co-B layers with high Hk. These results indicate that high Hk of Fe-Co-B/Ni-Fe and Fe-Co-B/[Ni-Fe/si] layers were resulted from magnetoelastic anisotropy owing to a residual stress. Moreover, the high Hk in the Fe-Co-B/Ni-Fe layer was maintained until 30$0^{\circ}C$ annealing temperature.


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