The Analysis of Gravity Mura Induced in Patterned Spacer Color Filter on Large Size LCD

대 면적 LCD에서 Patterned Spacer Color Filter 사용 시 발생하는 중력무라 분석

  • Published : 2004.08.01


In recent, it is said that the trend of LCD is direction to pursue high qualities like as high transmittance, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, fast response time, and so on. Especially, it is known that these qualities are essential to large size LCD like as LCD TV and we can realize them through to uniform cell gap and deep black state. Until now, the ball spacer has been used to control of uniform cell gap. However, the existence of ball spacer inside the cell causes the deformation of the liquid crystal molecules and damage to alignment layer. Such a deformation of the liquid crystal causes light-leakage in the dark state, which lowers contrast ratio of the display. Nowadays, this problem has been solved by using Patterned Spacer on Color Filter. but Side Effect just as gravity mura has been induced. In this paper, we studied the mechanism on gravity mura in case of using patterned spacer on color filter.


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