산소분압의 변화에 따른 ITO/polymeric 박막의 특성

Characteristics of ITO/polymeric Films with Change of Oxygen Partial Pressure

  • 신성호 (기술표준원 에너지자원 표준과) ;
  • 김현후 (두원공과대학 전자과)
  • 발행 : 2004.08.01


Transparent conducting indium tin oxide (TC-ITO) thin films on polymeric substrates have been deposited by a dc reactive magnetron sputtering without heat treatments. The polymeric substrates are acryl (AC), poly carbornate (PC), and polyethlene terephthalate (PET) as well as soda lime glass is also used to compare with the polymeric substrates. Sputtering parameters are an important factor for high quality of TC-ITO thin films prepared on polymeric substrates. Furthermore, the material, electrical and optical properties of as-deposited ITO films are dominated by the ratio of oxygen partial pressure. As the experimental results, the surface roughness of ITO films becomes rough as the oxygen partial pressure increases. The electrical resistivity of as-deposited ITO films decreases initially, and then increases with the increase of oxygen partial pressure. The optical transmittance at visible wavelength for all polymeric substrates is above 82 %.


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