Development of CAMPform2D Preprocessor for Forming Process U sing Convenient Input Method

편리한 입력방식의 단조공정해석을 위한 CAMPform 2D의 Preprocessor 개발

  • 박성균 (국민대학교 자동차공학전문대학원) ;
  • 이상헌 (국민대학교 자동차공학전무대학) ;
  • 이강수 (한밭대학교 기계공학부)
  • Published : 2004.06.01


CAMPfonn2D is a Finite Element Method (FEM) based process simulation system designed to analyze two dimensional (2D) flow of various metal forming processes. It enables designers to analyze metal forming processes on the computer rather than the shop floor using trial and error and provides vital information about material and thermal flow during the forming process to facilitate the design of products. CAMPfonn2D can be used by companies, research institutes and industrial applications to analyze forging, extrusion, drawing, heading, upsetting and many other metal forming processes. Also, process simulation using CAMPfonn2D can be instrumental in cost, quality and delivery improvements at leading companies. Today's competitive pressures require companies to take advantage of every tool for rapid manufacturing of well-designed product. So, the preprocessor of simulation program must be easy to use to speed-up design. In this paper, we introduce new version of Preprocessor and show how easy to use it. And, Preprocessor will prove itself to be easy and extremely effective.


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