Analysis of the Frequency Dependent Characteristics of Ground Impedance of a Ground Rod

봉상접지전극의 접지임피던스의 주파수의존성의 분석

  • 이복희 (인하대학 전자전기공학부) ;
  • 엄주홍 (기초전력공학공동연구원)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


This paper presents a systematic approach of measurement, modeling and analysis of grounding system impedance in the field of lightning protection system and intelligent power equipments. The measurement and analysis system of ground impedance is based on a computer aided technique. The magnitude and phase of ground impedance were determined by the novel measurement and analysis using the revised fall-of-potential method. The ground impedances of the ground rod of 50 m long are considerably dependent on the frequency. The ground impedance is mainly resistive in the frequency range of 3-20 kHz. At higher frequencies, the reactive components of the ground impedances are no longer negligible and the inductance of the ground rod was found to be the core factor deciding the ground impedance. Although the steady-state ground resistance of the ground rod of 50 m was less than that of the ground rod of 10 m, the ground impedances of the ground rod of 50 m over the frequency range of more than 60 kHz were much greater than those of the ground rod of 10 m. Furthermore, the equivalent circuit model based on the measured data was proposed. and the calculated results were in approximately agreement with the measured data.


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