A New Driving Method for Gray-scale Expression in an AC Plasma Display Panel

교류형 플라즈마 디스플레이 패널에서 계조표현을 위한 새로운 구동방식

  • 김재성 (인하대 공대 전기공학과) ;
  • 황현태 (인하대 공대 전기공학) ;
  • 서정현 (인천대 공대 전자공학) ;
  • 이석현 (인하대 공대 전기공학과)
  • Published : 2004.08.01


In this paper, a new gray scale expression method that divides the scan lines into multiple blocks is suggested. The proposed method can drive 16 sub-fields per 1 TV field in the panel with XGA ($1366{\times}768$) resolution. The on and off states of even subfields depend on the condition of odd subfields. The write address mode is used in the odd subfields, while the erase address mode is used in the even subfields. Because the ramp reset pulse is applied every 2 sub-fields, both the contrast ratio and the dynamic voltage margin are sufficiently obtained in comparison with previous AWD (Address While Display) methods. In realizing 16 subfields, shortening the scan time in the erase address period was important. The X bias voltage in the erase address period affected the minimum address voltage but did not the delay time of the address discharge. The delay time of the address discharge was affected by the address voltage and the time interval between the last sustain discharge and the scanning time. We also evaluated the dynamic false contour. New method shows an improved image quality in horizontal moving, but discontinuous lines were observed at the boundaries of each block in vertical moving


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