Current Limiting and Discharge Characteristics of High Tc Superconductive Fuse

고온 초전도 퓨즈의 한류 및 방전 특성

  • Published : 2004.06.01


We present the basic properties of a superconductive fuse (SF) based on YBCO/Au films. The SF consists of YBCO stripes covered with Au layers for current shunt. The fault current was limited to a designed value in less than 0.4 msec by resistance development in YBCO/Au upon quenching. This enabled the SF to transfer small fault power and the suppressed current was sustained for more than 0.5 msec while Au layer melting and arcing. The arcing time was less than 2.5 msec, that is short enough to do self-interruption. Under the source voltage of 100 $V_{rms}$, the longer the duration time of fault current was, the shorter its discharge time was. The duration time of fault current and its discharge time were reduced by increased voltages in the range of 200 - 300 $V_{rms}$. We thought that this was because the quench propagation was limited by local melting generated with higher voltage.age.


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