Framework and Methodology for Interoperability Testing of Software

소프트웨어 상호운영성 시험 체계와 방법론

  • 강성원 (한국정보통신대학교) ;
  • 신재휘 (한국통신 운용시스템연구) ;
  • 성종진 (TTA IT시험연구) ;
  • 홍경표 (한국통신 기술연구소 소프트스위치개발1)
  • Published : 2004.04.01


When two or more entities interact with each other as when they collaborate or communicate, the degree of correctness of the interactions is called interoperability. In software, the necessity of interoperability testing arises when we build a software system in which multiple interacting software entities are employed to perform the function or task of the system. These days as software is more and more being used to solve complex problems and through networking functions of software can be distributed to provide abundant services, the more the interoperability testing becomes important. This paper provides the framework and methodology for interoperability testing by discussing the fundamental concepts and principles that underlie interoperability and interoperability testing and the approaches for practicing interoperability testing.


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