Characteristics of Ride Vibrations in Rotary Tillage and Plowing Operations by Tractor

트랙터 로터리 작업과 쟁기 작업의 승차 진동 특성

  • Published : 2004.06.01


This study was intended to investigate the characteristics of ride vibrations transmitted to tractor operator during rotary tillage and plowing operations. Seat accelerations of a 41 ps diesel tractor in rotary tillage and plowing were measured and evaluated as specified in the ISO 2631-1. Effects of working speed and tilling depth on ride vibration were investigated. The level of ride vibration was also evaluated in terms of health guidance caution zones. Some of the results of the study are as follows: 1. The level of ride vibration in plowing was about 4.3 times greater than in rotary tillage. 2. The effect of working speed in rotary tillage differs depending upon the tillage depth. The level of ride vibration was increased with the speed, but it decreased over a certain tillage depth. Fore and aft vibration was 2.2-2.7 times severer than horizontal and vertical vibrations. Dominant frequency band was 1-3.15 ㎐ in fore and aft, 1-3.15㎐ and 16-25㎐ in horizontal, and 16-25㎐ in vertical directions. 3. Plowing reduced the ride vibration by 42.8-50.2%. But its positive effect decreased as the plowing speed increased. In plowing operation, ride vibration was similar degrees in fore and aft, horizontal and vertical directions. The dominant frequency band in plowing operation was 1-2.5㎐ in fore and aft, 1-2.5㎐ in horizontal, and 1-8㎐ in vertical directions. 4. On a basis of daily work hours of 4, total level of ride vibrations in plowing operation is likely to be harmful to operator's health.


Ride vibration;Rotary tillage;Plowing.


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