Bookstart in the UK: its operation and significance -A case study of Bookstart in Sheffield-

영국 북스타트 운동의 의의와 그 추진 현황 -세필드 북스타트를 중심으로-

  • 김영석 (영국 셰필드대학교 문헌정보학과)
  • Published : 2004.06.01


Bookstart is a gifting project, which aims to provide free books to babies in order to promote the idea of early book sharing and to develop a life long love of books. Bookstart was initiated in the UK in 1992 by the independent charity Booktrust in co-operation with Birmingham Library Services, South Birmingham Health Authority and Birmingham University School of Education. The idea of Bookstart has begun to spread not only to Korea but also to other countries. Bookstart In Korea is due to actively operate In many local governments. Therefore. many library researchers, scholars and professionals. council officers and ordinary people who are involved in Bookstart in Korea are urgently looking for materials on Bookstart in the UK. Consequently, this study examines Bookstart in the UK and the main aims of this study are: to produce results applicable to the successful operation of Bookstart in Korea : to give Bookstart-related people an understanding of many aspects of the operation of Bookstart; and to provide Ideas and information on the operation of Bookstart in Korea. In order to obtain useful data. the researcher used a questionnaire and interview method and reviewed the literature. The study revealed that Bookstart In the UK aims not only to promote babies' Interest In books and reading but also to Improve family relationships and to tackle social exclusion.


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