A Case Study of Information System Auditing of CBD Project

CBD프로젝트의 정보시스템감리 사례연구

  • Published : 2004.06.01


Different from traditional development methodologies like waterfall model, the CBD (component based development) methodology relies on a building block approach in the design and development of information system. The audit procedure and checklist for the traditional IS development methodology are required to be modified to be suitable for CBD. This research reviewed IS audit guidelines for the existing development process and analyzed multiple projects that employed the by component based development process. For the purpose of this study, we chose a governmental project and a next-generation IS project of a financial agency as sample cases. By comparing existing IS audit checklists and items actually reviewed in audit projects, this study identified appropriate check items for the CBD-centric audit program. New items were proposed as additional items such as project control in management phase, usage case and conceptual model establishment, component evaluation and design, in implementation phase, and so forth. The result of the research provides new guidelines for the audit CBD projects for the purposed of increased efficiency and qualify of application development projects.