Reduction of Operating Voltage of GaN-based Blue-violet Laser Diode by using Highly Mg Doped GaN Layer

고농도의 Mg가 도핑된 GaN층을 이용한 GaN계 청자색 레이저다이오드의 동작 전압 감소

  • 곽준섭 (삼성종합기술원 포토닉스랩)
  • Published : 2004.07.01


In order to reduce operating voltage of the GaN based blue-violet laser diodes, the effect of highly Mg doped GaN layer, which was grown below ohmic contact metals, on contact resistivity as well as operating voltage has been investigated. The addition of the highly Mg doped GaN layer greatly reduced contact resistivity of Pd/Pt/Au ohmic contacts from $5.2 \times {10}^-2 \Omegaㆍ$\textrm{cm}^2$ to 7.5 \times {10}^-4 \Omegaㆍ$\textrm{cm}^2$$. In addition, it also decreased device voltage at 20 mA by more than 3 V. Temperature- dependent sheet resistivity of the highly Mg doped GaN layer suggested that the reduction of the contact resistivity could be attributed to predominant current flow at the interface between the Pd/Pt/Au contacts and p-GaN through a deep level defect band, rather than the valence band.


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