나노급 인듐 주석 산화물 입자의 물성에 미치는 열처리의 영향

Influence of Heat-treatment on Physical Properties of Nanocrystalline Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) Particle

  • 홍성제 (전자부품연구원 디스플레이연구센터) ;
  • 한정인 (전자부품연구원 디스플레이연구센) ;
  • 정상권 ((주) 에픽슨)
  • 발행 : 2004.07.01


In this paper, nanocrystalline indium tin oxide (ITO) particles were fabricated by using synthesis without harmful elements. The synthetic method is to eliminate the chloridic and nitridic elements which are included in the current wet type synthetic method. Therefore, it is possible to lower synthetic temperature below 600 $^{\circ}C$ to eliminate the harmful elements. Accordingly, fine particle can be achieved by applying the process. Particle size, surface area, crystal structure, and composition ratio of the synthesized nanocrystalline ITO particle by using the method were analyzed with high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), BET surface area analyzer, X-ray diffraction (XRD), and energy dispersion spectroscopy (EDS). As a result, its particle size is less than 10 nm, and the surface area exceeds 100 m$^2$/g. The XRD analysis indicates that the cystal structure of the powder is cubic one with orientation of <222>, <400>, <440>. Also, the analysis of the composition demonstrates that the around 8 wt% tin is uniformly included in In$_2$O$_3$ lattice of the nanoparticle.


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