Studies on the Cropping System of Sesame(Sesamum indicum L.) of Korea

전.후작물 도입에 의한 참깨 작부체계에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.06.01


To increase the utilization of farming lard and the income of farmers four cropping systems by introducing two crops in the cultivation of sesame and perilla were tested from May, 2001 to June, 2002. Weed occurrence was observed abunantly at the in barley+sesame cropping system. Among cropping systems, weed in barley+sesame was greater in post-crop than in pre-crop, but other cropping systems were in pre-crop. Pre- or post-crops at the barley+sesame, sesame+chinese cabbage showed good growth. The income of cropping system containing sesame was higher 21% and 61% in barley+sesame and sesame+chinese cabbage, than in sesame and perilla mono-crop systems respectively. The sesame+chinese cabbage was labor-saying and cost down cropping system, because polyethylene film of pre-crop was reused in post-crop. But when perilla was introduced as post-crop of sesame, the delayed seed time resulted in decreased growth and grain yield. Soil physical properties were improved at the sesame+chinese cabbage and barley+sesame cropping systems.


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