The Role of Phonological Information in Korean Monosyllabic Word Processing

한글 일음절 단어처리에서의 음운정보의 역할

  • Published : 2004.03.01


The letter delay task using monosyllabic words has been employed in order to investigate whether Korean word is processed by the phonological route, and to investigate which stage this phonological information affects word recognition. Two main conditions were delaying a sounding letter( $\rightarrow$향), and delaying a silent letter( $\rightarrow$양). Experiment 1 was the naming task with the SOAs of 150㎳ and 250㎳ in order to investigate whether the phonological information affects the early stages, or the later stages of word recognition. The results showed that the interaction between the phonological value condition and the presence/absence of the prime was significant under the 150㎳ SOA, but not under 250㎳ SOA. Experiment 2 was conducted in order to generalize the results of Experiment 1 in the lexical decision task. The results showed the similar pattern as the Experiment 1. These experiments indicate that Korean words are processed by the phonological route, and the phonological information plays roles in the early stages of word recognition.



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