Extended LR Methods for Efficient Parsing with Feature-based Grammars

  • Le, Kang-Hyuk (Department of Game Engineering Tongmyong University of Information Technology)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


This paper discusses two problems with LR parsing with regard to constructing parsing tables with feature-based grammars. First, we show that traditional LR parsing methods suffer from nontermination and nondeterminism problems when they are applied to feature-based grammars. We then present an LR method for feature-based grammars that avoids both nontermination and nondetermisim by making use of partial information of a feature structure. Second, we describe the problem of adapting LR parsing to feature-based grammars with schematic rules (i.e., rules that do not contain enough information to construct parsing tables). To remedy this problem, we propose a rule inference algorithm which instantiates underspecified rules into more specified ones containing enough information.



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