Investigation Analysis for Transfer & induction of Energy Conservation Technology

에너지 절약기술 이전ㆍ도입 실태조사 연구

  • Published : 2004.02.01


Treatise that see executed investigation analysis about energy conservation technology, which skill move and skill class of introduction subject, transferㆍintroduction skill form, present condition of technology transferㆍintroduction and necessity etc. to energy conservation technology by program of Korea energy basis plan (1997∼2006) etc. Enforced company which questionnaire object achieves from the end 107 assignment practical used of energy conservation technology development propulsion assignment of Korea energy management corporation (KEMCO) to 1998-200 years and 416 companies related energy saving technology constructed to Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) database by post investigation and visit investigation. Question investigation result, transferㆍintroduction fields of energy conservation technology are industry sector, the enterprise size appeared with the fact that the small and medium enteifrise is many most. Also, technology transferㆍintroduction section is plan technique, form with technical cooperative form, amount of money 50,000,000 won under, appeared above 1 years in disturbance duration. In hereafter, technology transferㆍintroduction plan it appeared with the fact that the plan technique is many most.



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