A Study on the Coupled Torsional-Axial Vibration of Marine Propulsion Shafting System using the Energy Method

  • Published : 2004.03.01


Recently. the market trend for marine diesel engine has involved the lower running speeds. larger stroke/bore ratio and higher combustion pressure. Consequently, because of the flexible engine shafting system due to the larger mass. inertia and the more elasticity, the complicated coupled torsional-axial vibrations have occurred in the operating speed range. Also, the vibrations act as an excitation on the hull-structural vibration. To predict the vibration behavior with more accuracy and reliability. many studies have proposed the several kinds of method to calculate the stiffness matrix of crankshaft. However, most of these methods have a weak point to spend much time on three dimensional modeling and meshing work for crankshaft. Therefore. in this work. the stiffness matrix for the crankthrow is calculated using the energy method (Influence Coefficient Method, ICM) with the each mass having 6 degree of freedom. Its effectiveness is verified through the comparison with the stiffness matrix obtained by using the finite element method (FEM) and measured results for actual ships propulsion system.


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