The Influence of Urban Exodus on the Change of a Way of Life

도시탈출이 생활양식의 변화에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2004.03.01


As a household's residential location is closely related to its workplace and place of education, the urban exodus of city dwellers changes their ways of commuting to workplace and attending school. This paper examines the influence of urban exodus on the change of a way of life through relations between residential location and modes of commuting. Despite moving to the countryside, exurban migrants still want to experience rural health without abandoning the city lifestyle. However, they are faced with various difficulties in commuting to workplace and attending school, because suburban and exurban areas have poor accessibility to the central city. In order to overcome these problems, most of them choose "the residential segmentation of the family" through which the head of the family commutes to the city from his or her family home in exurban areas and children go to school from their second home in the central city, or try "to link commuting to workplace with attending school".



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