A Study on the UHF PD Sensor and Novel Pattern Analysis Technology for Diagnosis of the High Power Apparatus

초고압 전력기기 진단을 위한 UHF PD 센서 및 패턴분석 기술에 관한 연구

  • 강원종 (LG산전 전력시험기술센터) ;
  • 이창준 (LG산전 전력시험기술센터) ;
  • 강윤식 (LG산전 전력시험기술센터) ;
  • 이희철 (LG산전 전력시험기술센터) ;
  • 박종화 (LG산전 전력시험기술센터)
  • Published : 2004.02.01


This paper describes investigations of the UHF(Ultra High Frequency) PD(Partial Discharge) measuring technology designed for monitoring of PD in high power apparatus. Based on the spiral antenna theory, the hole type sensor for GIS with metal flange spacer and injection type sensor for oil filled transformer are developed. The experimental results show measurement characteristics of the PD sensor for several artificial defects in gas-insulated system(GIS) and oil transformer. Moreover, we proposed the new $\phi$-f-q method for the purpose of condition assessment of high power apparatus.


UHF PD;GIS;${\Phi}$-f-q analysis;hole type sensor;injection type sensor


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