Analyses on the Initial Charge-Discharge Characteristics of Half and Full Cells for the Lithium Secondary Battery using by the Gradual Increasing of State of Charge(GISOC)

충전용량점증분석법(GISOC)에 의한 리튬이차전지 Half Cell 및 Full Cell의 초기 충방전 특성 분석

  • 도칠훈 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 진봉수 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 문성인 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹) ;
  • 윤문수 (한국전기연구원 전지연구그룹)
  • Published : 2004.02.01


Characteristics of half cells of graphite/lithium and LiCoO$_2$/lithium, and full cells of graphite/LiCoO$_2$/ were analyzed by the use of GISOC(the gradual increasing of the state of charge). GISOC analyses generated IIE(the initial intercalation efficiency), which represents lithium intercalation property of the electrode material, and IIC$_{s}$(the initial irreversible capacity by the surface), which represents irreversible reaction between the electrode surface and electrolyte. Linear-fit range of graphite and LiCo/O$_2$electrodes were respectively 370 and 150 mAh/g based on material weight. IIE of graphite and LiCo/O$_2$electrodes were respectively 93∼94 % and 94∼95 %, and IICs of graphite and LiCo/O$_2$electrodes were 15∼17 mAH/g and 0.3∼1.7 mAh/g, respectively. IIE of graphite/LiCo/O$_2$full cell for GX25 and DJG311 as graphite showed 89∼90 %, which IIE value was lower than IIE of half cell of the cathode and the anode. Parameters of IIE and IIC$_{s}$ can also be used to represent not only half cell but also full cell. The characteristics of the full cell can be simulated through the correlative interpretation of potential profile, IIE, and IIC$_{s}$ of half cells.cells.


GISOC;gradual increasing;state of charge(S.O.C.);Lithium;Battery.


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