Characteristics of Electron Beam Extraction in Large Area Electron Beam Generator

  • Published : 2004.02.01


A large area electron beam generator has been developed for industrial applications, for example, waste water cleaning, flue gas treatment, and food pasteurization. The operational principle is based on the emission of secondary electrons from the cathode when ions in the plasma contact the cathode, which are accelerated toward the exit window by the gradient of the electric potential. Conventional electron beam generators require an electron beam scanning mechanism because a small area thermal electron emitter is used. The electron beam of the large area electron beam generator does not need to be scanned over target material because the beam area is considerable. We have fabricated a large area electron beam generator with peak energy of 200keV, and a beam diameter of 200mm. The electron beam current has been investigated as a function of accelerating voltage and distance from the extracting window while its radial distribution in front of the extracting window has been also measured.


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