Recognition of PD Sources in Air by STFT and Stochastic Parameters

STFT 및 통계적 처리에 의한 공기 중 부분방전원 식별

  • Published : 2004.01.01


The phenomenon of PD(Partial Discharge) is accompanied by electromagnetic wave which can be detected by UHF(Ultra High Frequency) antenna. The signals obtaining from UHF antenna are very high rapid pulse and have wide band frequency responses. The distribution of PRPD(Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) which consisted of those pulse train can show distinct characteristics of PD sources. But it is not sufficient to discriminate among PD sources. This paper suggests that the stochastic parameters formed by preprocessing of STFT(Short Time Fourier Transform) are good tools for differentiate from PD sources. The stochastic parameters are CC(Cross Correlation) mean value, CC standard deviation, CC skewness, CC kurtosis.



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