Influence of Rubbing Direction on the Electro-Optic Characteristics of Fringe Field Driven Hybrid Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell

프린지 필드에 의해 구동되는 하이브리드형 네마틱 액정 셀에서 러빙방향에 따른 전기광학 특성

  • 김완철 (전북대학교 신소재공학부) ;
  • 안명환 (여수대학교 반도체·응용물리학과) ;
  • 이승희 (전북대학교 신소재공학부)
  • Published : 2004.01.01


We have studied the influence of rubbing directions on electro-optic characteristics of the fringe field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal (LC) cell by computer simulation. When a LC with positive dielectric anisotropy is used, the results show that the driving voltage and transmittance decreases as the rubbing direction with respect to horizontal electric field direction increases. The reason for decrease in light transmission is the increase of tilt angle on the center of common electrode. In this paper, we have studied how the rubbing angle effects on the transmittance of the cell by investigating a distribution of electric field and LC director.


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