Study on Electrical Characteristics of Plastic ITO Film with Bending on Multi-barrier Films

다층박막을 이용한 플라스틱 ITO 필름의 bending에 따른 전기적 특성 연구

  • Published : 2004.01.01


We investigated transmittance, surface characteristics, and resistivity according to bending of ITO(indium tin oxide) film with four other multi -harrier film). Transmission data of ITO film with four ITO films showed there was about large 90% transmission above 550nm wavelength at three multi-barrier structures. But, both-side hard coated structure showed relatively low 75% transmission above 550nm wavelength. And, surface images measured from SEM (scanning electron microscope) showed both-side hard coated structure have a tendency of more roughness. Also, resistivity change of four other multi-barrier film showed there was the lowest change at one-side hardcoated structure. Subsequently, with result of resistivity change according to position, we knew the resistivity change of the center increased rapidly than that of the edge.


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