Effects of Growth Regulators on Callus Induction and Plant Regeneration from Leaf Explants of Sedum sarmentosum

돌나물 엽절편으로부텨 캘러스 형성 및 식물체 분화에 미치는 생장조절물질의 영향

  • Ahn, Jeong-Ho (Institute of Life Science and Natural Resources, Division of Plant Resources Science) ;
  • Lee, Seung-Yeob (Institute of Life Science and Natural Resources, Division of Plant Resources Science)
  • 안정호 (원광대학교 식물자원과학부 생명자원과학연구소) ;
  • 이승엽 (원광대학교 식물자원과학부 생명자원과학연구소)
  • Published : 2004.03.01


To establish the system of in uitro plant regeneration, the leaf segments of Sedum sarmentosum were cultured on MS media supplemented with different levels of 2,4-D, NAA and BA. The callus induction and growth showed a good response on MS medium supplemented with 3.0mg/L 2,4-D and 1.0mg/L BA, but a few callus induced on medium containing NAA and BA. In plant regeneration, combination of BA and NAA promoted shoot organogenesis from callus, and the highest frequency was obtained on MS medium supplemented with 0.2mg/L NAA and 3.0mg/L BA. When calli were transferred to the plant regeneration medium containing 0.2mg/L NAA and 3.0mg/L BA, healthy shoots without hyperhydricity were continuously induced (17.2 plantlets per callus) after 50 days of culture. When regenerated plantlets were transferred onto hormone-free MS medium, rooting was easily achieved from all of them.


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