A Study on Metadata Formats for Integration of Cultural Contents : Focus on case to Library, Museum and Art Museum

문화콘텐츠 통합을 위한 메타데이터 포맷 연구(II) - 도서관, 박물관, 미술관 사례를 중심으로 -

  • 조윤희 (중앙대학교 인문콘텐츠연구센터)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


The Library, Museum and Art Museum are gradually expanding access to cultural contents for general public through the distributed network. However, unlike general contents in cultural contents characteristics most the objects of cultural contents seldom contain the words used for organization and search for information. In addition, it's hard to share or interconnect information between different systems because the names, expressions and meanings are different between metadata elements of various cultural contents. In order to solve this problem, proper organization and management of metadata is vital. In this study, the researcher have comparatively analyzed the data elements of each format based on National Library of Korea, National Museum of Korea, National Museum of Contemporary Art , the metadata formats approached from various aspects in the cultural contents area, the researcher tried to provide the basic materials for integration of cultural contents by securing interoperability of different metadata formats.


Library;Museum;Art Museum;Metadata;Cultural Contents;Cultural Heritage Institution;Data Elements


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