A Study on the Flame Behavior of Whirl Eire and Pool Fire

Whirl Fire와 Pool fire의 화염 거동에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.09.01


4-panel of 1m height and 45cm width were fixed on the $40cm{\times}40cm$ bottom plate and the opening of the panel comer was 5cm. Diameter of stainless vessel is loom and its height is 2cm and it located at the center of the bottom plate. 78mL liquid fuel was filled in the vessel and its depth was 1cm. Flame temperature was measured with K type thermocouple, and radiation heat of flame was measured with heat flux meter. Flame height and its behavior was visualized with video camera. and mass burning rate was measured by fuel combustion time. According to the development of fire, flame swirling was begin. From the experiment the mass burning rate was larger and the height of flame was higher than the usual pool fire flame. Flame temperature and heat flux also increased far more than the pool fire. Consequently the swirling air flow through the openings between the panel and thermal buoyance contribute to increase of heat release rate, flame length and mass burning rate.


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