Application of Light Collecting Probe with High Spatial Resolution to Spark-Ignited Spherical Spray Flames

불꽃점화 구형분무화염에서 고공간 분해능을 가진 집광프로브의 응용

  • Yang Young-Joon (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dong-A University)
  • 양영준 (동아대학교 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2004.09.01


In order to obtain the flame Propagation speed in freely falling droplet suspension Produced by an ultrasonic atomizer, a light collecting probe named Multi-color Integrated Cassegrain Receiving Optics (MICRO) is applied to spark-ignited spherical spray flames. Two MICRO probes are used to monitor time-series signals of OH chemilumine-scence from two different locations in the flame. The flame propagation speed is calculated by detecting the arrival time difference of the propagating flame front. In addition, time-series images of OH chemiluminescence are simultaneously obtained by a high-speed digital CCD camera to ensure the validity of the MICRO system. Furthermore, relationship between the spray properties measured by phase Doppler anemometer (PDA) and the flame propagation speed are discussed with k different experimental conditions by changing the fuel injection rate. It was confirmed that the MICRO probe system was very useful and convenient to obtain the flame propagation speed and that the flame propagation speed was different depending on the spray properties.


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