Evaporation Cooling of Droplet due to Surface Roughness under Radiative Heat Input Condition

복사가열조건에서 표면 거칠기에 따른 액적의 증발 냉각

  • Published : 2004.09.01


The objective of the present work is to examine evaporation cooling of droplet due to surface roughness under radiative heat input condition. The surface temperatures varied from $80\~160^{\circ}C$ on aluminum alloy (AL 2024) and surface roughness was $0.18{\mu}m,\;1.36{\mu}m$. The results are as follows; Regardless of surface roughness under radiative heat input condition, as droplet diameter is larger, the in-depth temperature of solid decreases and evaporation time increases. In the case of $0.18{\mu}m\;and\;1.36{\mu}m$ of surface roughness, the larger the surface roughness is, the less the evaporation time is and the larger the temperature within the solid is. In the case of $Ra=0.18{\mu}m$ evaporation time and time averaged heat flux for radiative heat input case is shorter than for the conductive case.


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