Changes of Nurse's Image Perceived by Nursing Student as every Clinical Experience

임상실습시기별 간호학생이 지각하는 간호사의 이미지 변화

  • 김원옥 (경희대학교 간호과학대학) ;
  • 강현숙 (경희대학교 간호과학대학)
  • Published : 2004.12.31


Purpose: This study aims to identify changing image of nurse before and after the first clinical experience, and before graduate. Method: The subjects were 69 nursing students. All of them had their first clinical experience for 1 week during sophomore year. The Nurse's Image was measured before and after the 1st clinical experience, and before graduation. Collected data were analyzed by using repeated measure ANOVA and pair wise comparison method. Results: 1. The mean score for the Nurse's Image overall held by after 1st clinical experience($3.78{\pm}.38$) was more positive than those held by before graduation($3.50{\pm}.49$) and before 1st clinical experience($3.35{\pm}.36$). 2. For the four subscales (F=25.673 p= .000), the mean score of traditional(F=10.394 P= .000), Social(F=11.673 P= .000), Professional(F=17.341 P= .000) and personal Image(F=19.463 P= .000) were more positive than before graduation and before 1st clinical experience. Conclusion: Summarizing, after the nursing students had their 1st clinical training, the nurse's image perceived by them was positively improved compared to before the training. However, by the time of graduation the improved nurse's image was declined back. Therefore it is necessary to develop proper out-to field training program that will help to maintain and furthermore improve nurse's image.