Dynamic Buckling Characteristics of Arch Structures by Running Response Spectrum

연속 응답 스펙트럼 분석에 의한 아치 구조물의 동적 좌굴 특성

  • Published : 2004.06.15


The dynamic instability of snapping phenomena has been studied by many researchers. Few papers deal with dynamic buckling under loads with periodic characteristics, and the behavior under periodic excitations is expected to be different from behavior under STEP excitations. We investigate the fundamental mechanisms of the dynamic instability when the sinusoidally shaped arch structures are subjected to sinusoidally distributed excitations with pin-ends. The mechanisms of dynamic indirect snapping of shallow arches are especially investigated under not only STEP function excitations but also under sinusoidal harmonic excitations, applied i the up-and-down direction. The dynamic nonlinear responses are obtained by the numerical integration of the geometrically nonlinear equation of motion. And using this analyze characteristics of the dynamic instability through the running response spectrum by FFT(Fast Fourier Transform).