A Study on the Improvement Method of the Capital Gains Tax in Korea

양도소득세 결정방법의 개선에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.04.30


The aim of this study is to review the improvement method of Korea capital gains tax according to the alienation of the real estate, and to suggest an improvement plan. The study has been carried out by reviewing the related literatures. Capital gains tax could be calculated either using the actual price of sale or the standard prices. Korea capital gains tax has been revised many times since 1975 when it was first enacted. Initially the actual price of sale was the default rule and the standard prices was allowed only exceptionally if the actual price of sale could not be detected. The actual price of sale rather than the standard prices should be used for determining the capital gains tax on the transfer. By doing so, the desired principles of taxation such as "principle of taxation on tax paying ability". In conclusion, the present capital gains tax of Korea should be improved in many aspects in order to promote income redistribution function and efficient allocation of resources.