Surgical Oocyte Retrieval and the Developmental Potential of the Oocytes Derived from Prepubertal Calves

  • Yeh, S.P. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Ju, J.C. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Tseng, J.K. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Chou, P.C. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Chen, C.H. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Chih, T. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University) ;
  • Fan, Y.K. (Department of Animal Science, National Chung Hsing University)
  • Received : 2003.05.21
  • Accepted : 2003.09.17
  • Published : 2004.02.01


The objectives of this study were to investigate the ovarian responsiveness of juvenile calves to exogenous gonadotropin treatments and to establish the oocyte retrieval technique for prepubertal heifers. Three 78-day-old calves were treated with 4 doses (40, 30, 30 and 30 mg) of FSH (Folltropin V) at 12 h interval up to 229 day-old. Surgical oocyte retrieval was performed 24 h after the last injection of FSH. Calves with good ovarian responses to FSH treatment had an average ovarian size of $5{\times}3$ cm compared to $3{\times}2$ cm in the less-responsive animals. Large variations were observed in the number of total follicles ($51{\pm}45$), aspirated follicles ($39{\pm}36$), oocytes recovered ($23{\pm}25$) and usable oocytes recovered ($11{\pm}19$) during 78 to 229 day-old. Oocytes derived from prepubertal calves had significantly lower maturation rate than those from cows (34 vs. 100%, p<0.05). Mean diameters of calf oocytes ($144{\pm}1{\mu}m$) and ooplasm ($110{\pm}1 {\mu}m$) were significantly lower than those of cows ($149{\pm}1$ and $25{\pm}1{\mu}m$, respectively). The diameter of the ooplasm also increased significantly after in vitro maturation (IVM) ($108{\pm}1$ vs. $112{\pm}1{\mu}m$). However, further studies are required to optimize the IVP system for the oocytes derived from prepubertal heifers.


Supported by : National Science Council


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