A Survey on the Korean Food Preference, Frequency and Nutritional Knowledge of College Students in Kangwondo Area

강원지역 일부 대학생들의 한국음식섭취와 영양지식 조사

  • Published : 2004.02.28


The purpose of this study was to investigate the preference on Korean food and the nutritional knowledge of the college students. Self-administrated questionnaires were completed by 556 college students majoring food-related subjects in Kangwon-do area. The results were as fellows : 1. Male subjects liked meat (Calbi, Bulgogi, Seolungtang) and female subjects liked Kimchi and soybean soup. Both genders, however, disliked seasoned vegetables. 2. In the frequency of taking, Kimchi had the highest rank followed by Bibimbab and Seolungtang in higher order. 3. The first choice of both family and friends eating out was Korean foods. 4. The top two reasons for selecting Korean foods were their deliciousness and availability in higher order. 5. According to this study, the establishment of standardized recipe and the different way of facing Korean foods of individuals (Koreans) are promptly required for the globalization of Korean foods. 6. The nutritional knowledge of the subjects were limited and restricted to simple facts regardless of their major.


college students;preference on Korean foods;nutritional knowledge


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