An Empirical Analysis on the Discriminations(Employment and Wage) for People with Disabilities

장애인 취업.임금차별에 관한 계량적 분석

  • Kang, Dong-Ug (Korea National College of Rehabilitation and Welfare)
  • Published : 2004.05.31


This study shows that people with disabilities are very disadvantageous in employment and wage, which is originated from social discriminations. In this study, numerical value of employment-discrimination was calculated as 33.4%, and that of wage-discrimination calculated as 67.3%. But these discriminations are only come from one's disability not from productivity. So, Government must legislate 'The Discrimination Prohibit Act for People with Disabilities' rapidly to promote of people with disabilities' life qualities. Nobody knows when he get disabilities. Together with 'The Discrimination Prohibit Act for People with Disabilities', Government also have to improve people with disabilities' way of working, mobility, and provide assistive technology for the promotion of people with disabilities' employment rate and wage.