A Study on the Advocacy System for Service User in Social Welfare

사회복지에서의 이용자 지원을 위한 권리옹호(Advocacy) 시스템에 대한 고찰

  • Published : 2004.05.31


Social welfare has transformed from a provider-centered welfare into a user-centered welfare. This trend have to increase the right to welfare and convenience for users. If the goal of social welfare guaranteed the respecting man's life and dignity, we had not regarded service users as the weak in the welfare system. The reinforcement of service users as the reconfirmation of welfare user's identity, mistreatment and violation of another's rights, self-determination must have the advocacy system. The advocacy for social welfare is the activity for benefit of individual, group, and community, and, protection, guarantee and maintenance of client's right. However, the client is hard to realization of right. therefore We have to support the activity for advocacy. The advocacy take aim the basic need of life and need the system for life support and safeguard client's rights. The mission of the advocacy for welfare service user is to advance the dignity, equality, self-determination, and expressed choices of individuals. We promote, expand, protect and seek to ensure the human and legal rights of individuals through the provision of information and advocacy. The advocacy system will carry out this mission in partnership with welfare service users. The goals for the advocacy system are organized into the following focus areas, which are not listed in order of priority: the majority guardian system and the support activity for service users, a predicament solution activity, service assessment, informed concent system.