The Role of Public and Private Income Transfers to the Income Status of Women Who Experienced Marital Disruption

결혼해체를 경험한 여성의 소득수준 및 빈곤실태와 공.사적소득이전의 역할

  • Published : 2004.05.31


This study estimates the role of public and private income transfer to the income status of women who experienced marital disruption. In detail, this study estimates five major subjects (1) women's socioeconomic background, (2) income and poverty status, (3) family income composition, (4) the anti-poverty effect of public and private income transfers, and (5) factors associated with women's poverty status. Major findings of the study are as follows: First, women's socioeconomic characteristics, income status, and poverty status are different according to what types of marital disruption (separation, divorce, death of spouse) they experienced. Second, the role of public and private income transfers to reduce women's poverty are also different according to their marital status. Third, widow's working condition and the level of public assistance are significantly associated with the poverty status of widow.