A Study on the Field Instruction Related Factors Influencing on the Social Work Students' Practice Performance

사회복지전공학생의 실천수행능력에 영향을 미치는 실습지도 요인에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2004.08.31


The field instruction is essential to professional social work education. It is important to identify what factors make students' performance improve. 207 social work students who completed the field practicum in their undergraduate course were studied to determine factors associated with performance. The mean score of supervision was 2.6 and of practice performance was 56.7. Especially the score of theory integrated supervision was lowest among 5 supervision factors. Intervention skills and case-management skills were lower than 3 other performance factors. The significant correlation found to exist between supervision and performance. The higher the students' perception of supervision, the higher the students rating of their performance. Contributing most to students' performance was students' perceptions of the extent of supervision, especially theory integrated supervision and agency-based supervision, the extent of discussion about learning contracts, the amount of supervision. And the personal factors like students' gender and supervisors' career duration as a supervisor were found to be another predictors. That is, female students could improve their performance more than male students and more experienced supervisors could not improve students' performance. The findings highlight the importance of supervision and learning contract. Structuring field learning experiences would be needed. The supportive and educative consults for the supervisors, especially for the experienced supervisors, and ongoing efforts to evaluate the field instruction were suggested.