A Development for 'Attitude toward Work Scale' on Welfare Recipients

공공부조수급자의 "일에 대한 태도" 척도 개발

  • Published : 2004.08.31


This study aims to develop an attitude toward work scale on the welfare recipients in Korea. This study has process through literature review and empirical research. As a results, there are 3 factors, 'independent/reliance', 'work as itself', 'hardworking and success' in this scale. And this scale is composed of 11 items with 5 likert scale. The sums of squared loading of this scale is 54.9%, and the internal reliability is ${\alpha}=.79$. The means of attitude toward work on welfare recipients in Korea is 43.9 among the total sum 55. This means the welfare recipients in Korea have highly positive attitude toward work. This study has an implication as a first trial to measure work attitude on welfare recipients in Korea more objective and scientific. But this scale need some follow-up study to improve the validity and elaboration.


public assistance recipients;attitude toward work scale;work ethics