Mediator Effect of Empowerment on Readiness for Self-sufficiency of Poor Adolescents

빈곤가정 청소년의 자립준비에 대한 임파워먼트의 매개효과 연구

  • Published : 2004.08.31


This study was motivated from the proposition that readiness for self-sufficiency is important for future independent life of poor adolescents. This study focused on analyzing the effect of empowerment as a mediator as well as analyzing the effects of predictive factors of readiness for their self-sufficiency. For conducting this study, a survey method was used on 240 poor adolescents residing in Seoul. This study used path analysis method for analyzing mediator effect of empowerment. In the results, Statistically significant variables that had effect on readiness for self sufficiency through empowerment(intrapersonal, interpersonal, sociopolitical) were family relations and peer relations. Participation in social organization variable had a positive influence on readiness for self-sufficiency through interpersonal empowerment and sociopolitacal empowerment. Problematic variable had a negative influence on readiness for self-sufficiency through interpersonal empowerment. Such results provided knowledge foundations for diverse social work approaches related to promoting empowerment. Specifically, this study shows that diverse social services are necessary for promoting poor adolescents readiness and social work interventions are necessary for strengthening adolescents empowerment.


Empowerment;Readiness for Self-sufficiency;Poor Adolescents